Sefton Park Palm House. A focal point in Sefton Park, so much to see, so much to come and enjoy or have it all to yourself for a wedding or a party.
Sefton Park Palm House Sefton Park
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The Trust

The Board of Trustees has grown out of the original restoration campaign. Some members have been involved since then. Sefton Park Palm House Preservation Trust works closely with Liverpool City Council, to understand and develop opportunities that will enhance a visitor’s experience of both Sefton Park Palm House and Sefton Park.

All Trustees live locally and, as well as their passion and commitment for Sefton Park Palm House, they have a broad range of skills and experience to inform their governance.

Andrew Brown (Chair)

Janet Pell
Pam Wilsher
Fran Parkinson
John Carden
Maggie Pearson
David Ellis

The Trust also has a small number of Advisors, who supplement expertise in various areas.

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