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Bonsai Display by The National Bonsai Society

Bonsai Display by the National Bonsai Society

Please come and enjoy this display of beautiful and unique bonsai which captures true nature in miniature form, these small trees in pots have been grown, developed and presented by the members of the National Bonsai Society.

There will also be a bonsai workshop and advice clinic on the day, to help you with good horticultural practices, bonsai techniques and procedures.

There are many myths and misconceptions about the art of bonsai and many people start this fantastic hobby with the wrong information and kill their beloved trees in a relatively short period of time by keeping them indoors and following misleading guidance.

This exhibition is to promote, inform and develop the art of bonsai and to cater for the interests of the general public, beginners and experienced bonsai growers and artists alike and to encourage not only the appreciation of the bonsai of China, Japan and other countries, but to also develop the art of British bonsai. This is a one day event at the Palm House but details and other information are available on our website at: and our facebook page or contact Steve on 0151 933 8757.