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Meet the Palm House Gardener

If you would like to learn more about the stunning botanical collection on display at the Palm House on Earth Day, as well as the rich and interesting history of how we came to be, our Meet the Gardener Tour is perfect for you. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Colin Hughes, who has worked as our botanic gardener for over 26 years. He will talk you through the spectacular Palm House and all it holds. Colin has planted every plant in the Palm House, except the 120 year old palm tree, which miraculously survived a raging storm, even when there wasn’t any glass panes in the Palm House to protect it! Colin is one of only four skilled Botanical Gardeners in Liverpool looking after the Liverpool Botanical Collection. Enjoy a tour with plenty of time for questions and answers.  Afterwards enjoy a glass of sparkling wine, which is included in the ticket price.

Ticket: £12 + Booking Fee Book Here