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Tranquil Tuesday Yoga

Nu is a yoga practitioner, holistic therapist, Ayuredic practitioner and founder of Heartstrong Holistic CIC. She has been practising yoga in various forms from age 17, when her mum took her to a class at a time of upheaval in both their lives – it has been her anchor and a source of growth ever since.

She is the resident yoga teacher at Blackburne House Wellness and at the Granby Winter Garden, teaching trauma informed, restorative and chair-based practices, alongside meditation, mindfulness and pranayama, and works with various organisations and collectives who align with her values: to make yoga and wellness practices more equitable, accessible and diverse; and to do so from a grassroots, decolonised perspective.

She works from a place pf authenticity, integrity and love and aims to honour the rich traditions and fullness of the practice as a means of embodiment, self-knowledge and collective and individual growth, liberation and joy.

Nu leads her movement sessions with gentle heartfelt compassion and sincerity, remaining true to the rich cultural and spiritual roots of the yoga tradition whilst expressing these truths in a way that is accessible to all and relevant to our contemporary ways of living.

No need to prebook, please bring your own yoga mat and wear suitable clothing for exercise

These sessions are free, but please donate what you can afford.