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20 / 01 / 23

Houseplant Appreciation Display 10th – 19th January

Colin Hughes, the botanical gardener at the Palm House for over 26 years, has been named by Horticulture Weekly in the list of the Top Head Gardener’s in the UK. Colin has planted every plant in the Palm House, except the original 126-year-old palm tree. This tree miraculously survived a raging storm – even without the protection of glass panes! Colin is responsible for the upkeep of this diverse Liverpool Botanical Collection and thoroughly deserves this honour from Horticulture Weekly.

Tuesday 10th January marks Houseplants Appreciation Day. As part of the National Lottery Heritage Fund project, Colin has designed and created a Houseplants Appreciation Day Display which was available to view from 10th – 20th January 2023. The display was set up as a living room filled with houseplants we have in the Palm House, including calla lilies, phalanopsis orchids, ivy, spider plants, aspidistra, cane palms, cactus, boston ferns, spanish moss and scindapsus, all of which you can also grow at home, explaining the benefits that different plants bring. There will also be the opportunity to buy some houseplants from the Palm House.

Kate Martinez, head of external relations, said

“We are absolutely delighted that Colin’s incredible skill has been noted by Horticulture Weekly. We love having him at the Palm House. Thanks to National Lottery Players we now have the opportunity for Colin to use his artist talents to create a special display for all the Palm House visitors to enjoy. ”

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