Sefton Park Palm House. A focal point in Sefton Park, so much to see, so much to come and enjoy or have it all to yourself for a wedding or a party.
Sefton Park Palm House Sefton Park
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We have 35 Food Plants. Our Olive Tree is native to the Mediterranean, Asia and parts of Africa, its leaves are also used  for medicine. The Banana plant, grows with spices like Curry Leaf ( Murraya koenigii) and Cardamom, a very expensive spice from Asia. Shell Ginger is used for Chinese medicine, rather than as a spice. Agave is used to make tequila in Mexico and a source of sisal fibre. Air Potato Vine is related to the yam.  Lemon, Orange and Lime Trees make a citrus bed, which includes a Pomegranate and Fig.

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