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30 / 07 / 21

A Royal Visit

2021 is a big year for the Palm House, our 125th Anniversary! As part of our celebrations we were pleased to host a very special guest. To commemorate this special occasion, the Palm House received a visit from royalty, HRH Princess Royal Anne on the 26th July 2021. We experienced the finest weather conditions which seemed to have accompanied HRH on her visit. There was an air of joy and festivity to welcome her as many of the guests had also not been to the Palm House in the last year many relished the opportunity to see colleagues and enjoy the glorious sunshine.


She was greeted by our Director, Roy Boardman and the Chair of the Board, Andrew Brown who led her on a tour of the grounds and collection. She was introduced to volunteers, trustees, staff, and friends of the Palm House who were honoured and thrilled to meet her. HRH spoke with delight about the building and its many functions acknowledging its uniqueness and beauty and the special place it has in the hearts of Liverpudlians. She was formally introduced to several different groups and seemed to make everyone laugh heartily. To quote one of our guests, “the atmosphere was excellent and the excitement was palpable.”

She finally met with our botanical gardener, Colin. He told her about some of the more intriguing parts of the collection, the oldest Palm Tree. Finally, she planted a tree to commemorate the occasion. She was presented with a gorgeous bouquet by Tilly and Arthur, Niece and Nephew to our Head of Business Development, Sandra Marshall. The Bouquet was put together by local florist David Beckham-Doyle. David had put together a more herbaceous and natural collection which included hellebores, rumoured to be the Princess Royal’s favourite flower along with Princess Anne Roses.

Afternoon Tea was served, and the celebration continued into the evening. This was a landmark for all those in attendance, a joyous occasion.

Photo Credit: © Fairclough Studios