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17 / 04 / 23

Arts for Health & Wellbeing Chinese New Year 2023 Festival

I was delighted to be a single frame in a perfect story. To see my community represented, to represent my community, the feeling that you are part of a continuing story that has been created with such bravery and imagination, I can’t thank the funding body, the Heritage fund, enough for understanding the importance of this. The smiles in that extraordinary setting created a memory for life and a mission to see those smiles again and again. I thank also those who maintain the beauty of glass and nature in such perfect balance. My vision of what my community will always bring to Liverpool life is held in that harmony. We must all focus on the wellbeing that is often forgotten and yet is essential for this vibrancy in our home city. Thank you to Ms Kate Martinez and her wonderful team at the Palm House, Colin, Di, Nannan and their members at Chinese Wellbeing, the tutors at the Liverpool Confucius Institute, as well as the staff members who behind the scenes and made this happen and those who came to take part.

It was a memorable day of encounters and sharing traditions. We got together to celebrate our loves and cultures, as well as the delicious and authentic scouse food . The glass sheltering the enduring plantation reminds me that delicacy is not fragile. The serenity of the venue is built on strong foundation. Thank you all for the unforgettable moment in the dream like Palm House!


Xiaoxiao Hou